David Femia

Graphic design | Print production

I'm here having some fun doing what I love to do. Please get in touch regarding any new opportunities or projects!



 Created branding, logo, web design and UI for So Clutch. A Counter-Strike: Global Offensive blog and news source. Maintain a strong focus on the pro scene and esports aesthetic.


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Drama gaming magazine


 Create a modern gaming magazine. Something attractive that cuts back on some bombast which is generally found in games related periodicals. The aesthetic is designed to cultivate a mature audience who is open to critical thought wrapped around the gaming industry.


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Lond laundry delivery


 Laundry pickup and delivery on demand. Create a streamlined experience with solid and consistent branding. Focusing on usability and focus on good standards that work well.


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Harris Electric


 Develop logo, branding and mockups for the launch of Harris Electric company. Focus on a clean and modern aesthetic that set's Harris apart from other electric companies, while staying simple and appealing for their target demographic.


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Content Control


 Designing what I love and controlling my digital content. Show off the things you love and the projects you love working on and good things are bound to come your way.


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Kandalite youtube thumbnail


 Thumbnail for Kandalite, a Youtube livestreamer. Following aesthetic notes inspired by the game he plays, Summoners War. While staying consistent to other thumbnails he uses for different games. Focus on strong type/imagery and maintain a high level of readability.


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 A modern take on the classical designs of the coffee industry. Maintain consistency across all platforms and focus on a strong design principles.


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  David Femia

    About me

  Email: FemiaDavid@gmail.com

  Phone: 603-548-2064

Hi I'm David Femia

    I am a graphic designer and an illustrator currently residing in Lowell, MA.   The past few years I've spent in print production working on a variety of different printing presses and bindery equipment.  Along with running machinery I proof and check file positioning, catch a variety mistakes, and maintain a high level of quality in all printed/bound products.

   Over these past few years I've been honing my design abilities in my free time, and taking on freelance work for as many clients as possible.  Lately I've also been working on learning HTML/CSS, with the goal in mind of being able to communicate at a higher level with web developers and programmers.